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4:30 TKD/MMA Class only.  All other classes cancelled tonight!

2015 Taekwondo and Mixed Martial Arts Scheduleunequaled title edited-1


mechanicsville-taekwondo works

You will be amazed what our program can do for your kids. Right here in Mechanicsville!

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Call us at 723-5446 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it �???????�??????�?????�????�???�??�?� to find out more about our awesome Mechanicsville Program


CROSS TRAINING COUPLED WITH AN AWESOME MMA KNOWLEDGE BASE! AESIR MMA Training right here in Mechanicsville - Whether you want to join our competition team or learn the awesome sport of Mixed Martil Arts. You will be in shape, confident and have a great time! Ages 15 years and above. You will be fit.

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Unequaled in training - dedication - confidence!

Every student is special

Confidence Galore among our students!

See Alexa in action -�???????�??????�?????�????�???�??�?� http://youtube/wtch?v=5mg1D6X7OIw

See Allison in action -�???????�??????�?????�????�???�??�?� http://youtube/wtch?v=FE5lnUHjc6c

See David and Robert's MMA demonstration -�???????�??????�?????�????�???�??�?� http://youtube/wtch?v=mbcUZubuyiM

The result? Confidence in class Confidence in life!

david and John teaching

  • 6:1 Student to Instructor Ratio -
  • Our students get lots of personal attention.

No one sits on the bench.

alexa champ pic april 2011

All Of Our Instructors Train�???????�??????�?????�????�???�??�?� Hard Themselves

Our Main instructors are all actively�???????�??????�?????�????�???�??�?� training to compete:

-David Simpson - MMA/Cage Fighting

-Alexa Oswld - Olympic Style Sparring

-Erin Roepke - JuJitsu.




Alexa Oswald Pictured after winning
Jong In University International Tournament -Women's World Class Black belt Division

We Expect Our Students:

To Be Respectul Caring and Disciplined -

The result is CONFIDENCE!

african american girl bowingYOUNG SPARTNS - Mondys 6:00pm

young spartans poster final 2011

Challenging - Exciting and Fun Curriculum


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david chris necktie cropped



Self Defense


allison choke hold edited-1



2 girls sparring cropped


�????????�???????�??????�?????�????�???�??�?� Our Wonderful Kids!

The SSL Principle -

SWEATING SMILING and LEARNING�????????�???????�??????�?????�????�???�??�?� 

Awesome kids working hard,�????????�???????�??????�?????�????�???�??�?� smiling alot, growing in confidence

Olympic Style Sparring�????????�???????�??????�?????�????�???�??�?� �????????�???????�??????�?????�????�???�??�?� 

Spraring for competition and contact

To view the article about Alexa Oswld Mechanicsville Local article - click here

caitlin 1st nov 2011

�????????�???????�??????�?????�????�???�??�?� Caitlin wins first place!


For More Videos - Go Here




7223 Stonewall Parkway
Mechanicsville, VA 23111

Learn potent self defense skills with our mixed martial arts programGo Confidently!


Taekwondo Works Tenets:
Self Control
Indomitable Spirit

Taekwondo Works teaches:
Traditional Taekwondo
Stand up striking
Ground Self Defense
In Close Self Defense
Character Development

Olympic Style TKD Sparring



TKD WORKS is a current member of USA Taekwondo.
We are now members of the United Taekwondo Association.

TKD Works has been in business since 1985